Monday, August 18, 2008

My first 3 days of work...

Well as most of you know i started working at chick fil a on Thursday...I did not know what i was getting myself into. Thursday went good. They started me out on lobby which was really easy but it was sooooo boring! On Friday they put me on lobby again...again it was very boring. Saturday i went in at 7 in the morning and they put me on drive thru drinks which doesn't sound that hard but considering chick fil a drive thru is always was very hard. I was kinda on the side so i couldn't tell what was going on in the front so when i had to go out front to get something i didn't know that somebody had spilt a 5 gallon thing of tea on the floor. Well need less to say i slipped hard core and fell really hard and it hurt really bad. I had just gotten off my break (which was supposed to be at 12 but i had it at 330) so i was kinda behind on drinks so i didn't have time to clean myself up so i just picked myself up without saying anything and finished getting drinks. People looked at me as if i was crazy. And then about 5 minutes before i supposed to go home i got about a gallon worth of milkshake base poured all over me from head to toe! It was not a good day! But i do like my job and the people are nice..well most of them. One of my managers is Mormon so that is pretty cool and a lot of the people that work there are Mormon. I go in today and hopefully it will be better and i won't get stuff spilled on my again. :(

Monday, August 11, 2008


I finally got a job! After turning in about 5 applications i finally got a job at chick fil a. I had my interview today and the manager hired me. I was so happy. He said he was hiring me because i smiled a lot and have good eye contact. I start thursday which means i have to go pick up my uniform tomorrow. I hope they like me and hope i'm still able to handle school and work. wish me luck :D

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Me (according to Steven)

2 of my sisters had this on their blog so i decided to change it and put Sharma instead of mom and have Steven (my boyfriend) answer them :D

1. What does Sharma always say to you? Steven: "Your cute :D"

2. What makes Sharma happy? Steven: "Being with me"

3. What makes Sharma sad? Steven: "Not seeing me"

4. How does Sharma make you laugh? Steven: "You make me laugh when you laugh"

5. How old is Sharma? Steven: "16"

6. How tall is Sharma? Steven: "5'6"

7. What does Sharma like to do? Steven: "You like to cook"

8. What is Sharma's job? Steven: "You help sister Cheney"

9. What is Sharma favorite food? Steven: "You'll eat anything."

10. How do you know Sharma loves you? Steven: "I know you love me because I can see it when I look in your eyes and hear it in your voice."

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New member of the family :D

So a few days ago my dad bought a truck! He has wanted one for a long time and he finally picked one out that he liked. What i don't get is here he was so excited about the truck but then he doesn't even drive it! He still drives our piece of junk neon which still dies occasionally and i don't think is safe to drive. I took before and after pics of our cars :D I think the after pic looks much better. I drove it the first night we got it. It was sooo powerful! I felt tough driving it :) So as you can tell from the pic, it is a midnight blue which is very pretty and it has big tires (see comparative pic) it has a v8 engine and cloth interior and it also has power lock and power windows. I love the truck! So me and my dad came up with a name for the truck. We took into consideration the beastly size of the truck so it couldn't be wimpy like wilber (name of the neon). We also took into consideration the city we live in (which has a lot of hispanic culture) so we came up the name El Hombre!! The Man :D so he is the new member of our family.

Acceptance to Health Careers!

So my freshman year of high school i went to Taft and my sophomore year i went to Communications Arts and now that I'm a junior, I'm switching schools once again. I decided that Health Careers was the right choice so i applied hoping i would get in. I thought i would find out the beginning of July but then they said i wouldn't find out till the end of July. I called them at the beginning of august and they said i would have to wait another 2 weeks to find out if i got in or not! I was stressed to say the least! I didn't know what school i was going to so i had to read the summer reading assignments for both schools. Another thing that was stressful was the i had to go to band camp on Monday. I really didn't' want to have to go to band camp :( So Monday afternoon when i was driving home, my dad told me that health careers called him and was wondering if i still wanted to go to health careers!!! Ya!! I was so happy :D The one sad thing was that i had to go in Tuesday morning and tell my band director that i was changing schools. He was really sad but I know i made the right decision. So now that i know what school I'm going to i can get a job! :D I will have $$$.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Myspace, Facebook, and Blogs

It amazes me how much social networks there are out in the world today. I first started having a myspace when my friend made one for me and I realized it was so amazing I could talk to all my friends so easily. I just recently got a facebook because I went to EFY a couple weeks ago and all the cute guys in my group had a facebook...meaning, of course I had to get one! Since i have both myspace and facebook, I can honestly say that facebook is much better than myspace. Myspace was so yesterday i think. And of course now i have a blog. I don't really exactly know why i have a blog...oh well :D

Saturday, August 2, 2008

New to Blogging

So I always have so much fun looking at all my sisters blogs so i decided to make one for me and my dad. I will probably update it a lot since I love being on the computer. My first story about us is we are in the process of looking for a new car. Our dodge neon that we have had for FOREVER is finally dieing so we are looking at trucks. We have found some good ones but not really the "right" truck for us. Hopefully we will find one before school starts, if not, pray that i get to school safely :D